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Zodiacal Influence on People Born on August 5, 14 and 23

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Mercury in Leo, also called House of the Sun, is a good mental combination. It promotes intellectuality and judgment in all matters relating to the mind. Its chief danger is that it makes people rather impetuous and hasty in their decisions, also quick tempered and impatient with those who cannot act or think quickly. The better qualities it bestows are of a strongly ambitious nature it is especially beneficial for authors, artists, actors and all those whose work has to appeal to the public.

The combination of Mercury and the Sun in this period of the year gives assurance, self-confidence and much financial ability, but may incline one at times to take great risks or go in for speculative ventures, but as a rule it is a fortunate combination if kept well under control. The Combination of Mercury with Uranus will bring sudden and unexpected change into the life, also in the career or profession, together with restlessness of disposition and much desire for change of place or travel.

Five – the number of the planet Mercury you will be sensitive and highly strung with nerves generally-at high tension. At the same time you possess both willpower and control over yourself when working for any set purpose provided it is not one of long duration. You will abhor drawn out tasks or monotony of any kind, and will succeed best at the call of some sudden emergency or when working at “fever heat” over a plan, purpose or ideal that you have close to your heart.

You will be inclined to be changeable in your love affairs, a new face having always a strong attraction for you. You will be very adaptable to persons and circumstances until the novelty wears off. You will be fond of dancing and movement and all forms of play that requires agility or quickness. You are likely to take an interest in airplanes and swift motorcars, in fact, all inventions that can annihilate distance. You will not be an easy person to advise or reason with, as you will be very much inclined to be “a law unto yourself.”


You will be inclined to live too much on your nerves, to exhaust your system by having little moderation in anything you do. You will be liable to suffer from neuralgia in various parts of the body, at times to have acute attacks of indigestion and deranged internal organs.

For such things you will be inclined to fly to the quickest means of relief and may become an addict to drugs or stimulants if you do not keep yourself under absolute control.

Important numbers and dates

in any month, but especially during June and September, are the 5th, 14th, 23rd, with as secondary numbers the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th.

You should endeavor to use these dates in making appointments, or for trying to carry out your own plans and engagements. At the same time I have to state that all persons who come under the “number five” are less influenced the others as far as the law of numbers is concerned. Such people are adaptable to all numbers, as well as to people no matter when they may be born. It is the same way with colors. You could wear all shades with equal success, but at heart you will be inclined to favor light tones more than any others.

Your “lucky” jewels are diamonds, pearls and bright glittering stones of all descriptions.

The most important or climacteric years of your life are the 5th, 14th, 23rd, 32nd, 41st, 50th, 59th and 68th. You will find a certain amount of attraction for persons born on the series of “fives” in any month of the year, such as the 5th, 14th, 23rd, but being a “number five” person, you will not be as much influenced by any special series as you will remain adaptable to all.

You will be exceptionally clever in originating schemes for other. You will be so versatile and adaptable that nothing coming amiss to you. Your greatest danger lines in forming undesirable acquaintances that may lead you into trouble before you are almost aware of their influence.

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