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The month of January comes under the Zodiacal Sign of Capricorn, the full influence of this Sign comes into power about the 28th of December and lasts until the 21st of January. Capricorn is the Third House of the Earth Triplicity. Its Planetary Ruler is Saturn (Positive), It is also called the House of Saturn. If you are born in this month the basic principles of your character and disposition are as follows:

An ambitious, militant, energetic, and persevering nature. You are capable of enormous efforts towards the attainment of a desired object. The planet Saturn is the embodiment of all that is cautious and discreet. You will never take any important step without profound deliberation and unless you are absolutely certain of the result. There is no speculative element in Saturn. You are skeptical, analytical, somewhat suspicious, slow to accept new theories, but broad-minded and open to conviction.

The mental force is strong, philosophical and scientific in character; you are a deep thinker and a great reasoner. In religion the testimony is inclined to be fanatical in its earnestness, or the mind may swing to the opposite pole and believe in nothing. Above all things, you worship intellect, and can forgive almost anything of your friends if they are endowed with unusual intelligence or talent.

You are exceedingly quick in your intuitions of people and things, but are inclined to be too easily discouraged in your plans, and fall into a despondent state at the first rebuff or disappointment. Your views on love, duty and social economics will be always unique, and on this account you will often be regarded as odd and eccentric by those around you. Being high-minded and independent, you must lead in whatever you undertake or you will lose interest in your work. You abhor restraint of any kind and revolt against anything of an obligatory nature, though in strange contradiction you show profound respect for tradition and authority. Life to you is a very serious but involved problem, and you will be inclined to revel in its most pessimistic phases.

You are likely to rise through your own personal efforts and power of individuality far above the sphere of your birth. Your character is essentially positive. As a general rule you will be much misunderstood by others. You will not easily mix with people; you will have a few close friends, but at heart feel very much alone. You will make many enemies by nearly always espousing the unpopular cause or the “underdog” in any dispute. You would do best by aiming at some form of public life, such as in municipal affairs or in connection with politics, government life, or positions of responsibility and trust.


The Saturnian influence bearing upon this question for you born in January indicates a vigorous constitution and good physical stamina. At the same time, there is a strong tendency to depression and despondency. You should cultivate optimism and cheerful society in order to keep in good health. Cold will seriously affect you, and unless you are careful you will be likely to suffer from asthma, bronchial catarrh and such like ailments.

Study well your diet and keep up the circulation by adequate exercise, also avoid draughts, damp and cold winds. Plenty of change is absolutely essential for you, but it should never be a change to solitude. If your outlook should ever become limited or cramped, and conditions show signs of giving way, your innate gloom may turn to hypochondria unless you exert every force in your nature to cultivate the spirit of cheerfulness.

You will greatly desire to make a home for yourself in the country, and if possible, on some height on the side of a mountain or on some hilly place. You should never allow yourself to live in low-lying, wet or damp places, as you will have a very decided tendency to develop rheumatism, gout, pains and swellings in the feet. You are also likely to meet more accidents to the ankles, feet and legs, than is the lot of most people.


The dominate influence of Saturn ruling your birth month is not a favorable signification as it causes delays, hindrances and limitations in regard to financial advancement, at least in the early part of the life.

Advancement, gain and success in money is promised by industry, slow plodding perseverance and by carefulness, thrift and economy. In fact, you are more likely to acquire wealth through your own personal efforts than by any dint of good fortune. Advantageous investments for you would be in land or house property, the building up of factories dealing especially in coal, lead or iron products, machinery for transport work or agriculture, the developing of farming enterprises and all things solid and concrete.

You will experience much difficulty in obtaining money that should be yours by right and you should never lend without security, or you would be sure to lose. You should always see that the concerns in which you invest your money are established on solid foundations.

Marriage, Unions, Partnership ….

You will find your most harmonious relationship in persons born in your own sign (Capricorn) Third House of Earth, December 21st to January 21st. In Taurus, April 20th to May 20th, First House of Earth; or Virgo, August 21st to September 20th, Second House of Earth, or Virgo, August 21st to September 20th, Second House of Earth and in the seven days of the “cusp” at the beginning and ending of each of these periods; also persons born in the exact opposite part of the year to your own, in this case from about the 27th of July to September 27th.

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