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Zodiacal Influence on People Born on January 09, 18, and 27

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The Foundation of Your character and disposition will be that described for persons born in January, but in your case the influence of the planets Mars will make you have a very eventful, stirring and rather fatalistic life. Circumstances over which you have little or no control will playa great part in all your affairs.

You will force your way forward in whatever you undertake, but you will be liable to have unusual “ups and downs” of fortune. At times everything will appear to go your own way and again there will be periods when everything will be the reverse. Unless you are born in wealthy circumstances made by your forebears, you are likely to have a very hard and difficult beginning. friends.

Up to about your thirty-third to thirty-fifth year the indications are that you will be forced to undertake a great deal of irksome work at variance to your nature and desire. You will be extremely ambitious and will never be satisfied until you attain some position of prominence beyond or above your fellows. You will be endowed with a considerable amount of courage and self-assurance, which will sustain you well in the battle of life.

You will possess executive and organizing ability beyond the average person, but to do justice to yourself. you should get into some wide scope of action. Rulership or government work of any kind would be in keeping with your nature of any high position of responsibility in connection with industry or enterprise.

You will have a love of adventure and excitement, which will cause you to encounter danger in many forms. You are likely to meet with numerous accidents and risk your life under unusual circumstances. Industrious and acquisitive, you will build up any business with which you may be associated, but as there is a strong speculative under-current running through your disposition you will often take on risks that will at times overwhelm you.

You unconsciously will make enemies and at times you will suffer severely from conspiracies formed against you and treachery from unexpected quarters. You are likely to gain socially through marriage, but to have some peculiar experience in connection with it in the latter years of your life. You will be quick and irritable in temper. You will be dogmatic and headstrong. You will make many powerful enemies and will be liable to suffer discredit in your advanced years through treachery and false


From the standpoint of health you will get a good start in life and be endowed with a splendid constitution. This is likely to continue up to advanced years when an overstrained heart will begin to put in an appearance. If you can lie off and rest you may be able to forestall the evil day for some time, but the indications are of sudden death without warning.

Important numbers and dates

Your most important numbers are the “nine” in all the series. You should endeavor to carry out your plans or anything important on dates making these numbers, which are the 9th, 18th and 27th.

The number “eight” and the “four” and all their series, and persons born on the 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 22nd, 26th of any month will play important roles in your life and career, but there will be something more fatalistic than favorable in connection with these numbers and their series, or persons these numbers represent.
Personally you should avoid employing the number “four” and the “eight” and all their series as much as possible. To increase your magnetic vibrations and so make yourself more fortunate, you should use the following colors: All shades of rose, crimson or reds. Your “lucky” jewels are the ruby, garnet and bloodstone.

The most important or climacteric year in your life are the 9th, 18th, 27th, 36th, 45th, 54th, 63rd, 72nd, 81st and 90th. You will find a strong magnetic attraction for persons born on dates making a three, six or nine in any month of the year such as the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th and 30th.

If born on the 18th or 27th of January, after the age of about thirty-five and up to your sixtieth year you will be likely to control or have large sums of money passing through your hands. Thereafter out to the end you will need to exercise great prudence and care if you are to keep your position and wealth.

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