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Zodiacal Influence on People Born on June 02, 11, 20 and 29

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In your case the more gentle and imaginative qualities will be the dominant ones. You will be generally very responsive to “new thought” and new ideas. You will have broad views and sympathy for others. You will have a distinct aversion to fighting, quarrelling or war any form, and will be good in diplomacy or in settling troubles by negotiation, but you will often get involved in difficult situations.

You should try to follow some diplomatic, artistic or professional occupation. You will have a great love for books, literature and history. You will travel a great deal and make many changes of place and residence. You will be warm-hearted, sympathetic to others and intensely human. You will have a very receptive mind and keen intellect. You will derive great happiness from books and delving in libraries and should make a success in literature.

Any routine or business life would not be in your line of work. If you had to do something for a living you would do well in secretarial work for writers, or with artistic people, or in literary work on your own account, especially of the imaginative order.


This combination does not promise that you will be very robust or physically very strong; the upper stomach will be liable to be delicate and it would be well for you to study diet carefully and select food that suits you personally. If you do this you are likely to avoid serious illness and have a long life, although perhaps never a very strong one.

Important numbers and dates

Your most important numbers and dates for carrying out your plans and ambitions are the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 11th, 14th, 16th, 20th, 23rd, 25th and 29th.

To increase our magnetic vibrations you should wear, at least in some part of your clothing, the colors belonging to your main planets, which are: All shades of green, cream and white, All shades of dove-gray and electric colors and All light colors and bright shimmering materials.

Your “lucky” jewels are jade, moonstones, cat’s-eyes, pearls, sapphires, diamonds and glistening stones.

Your most important or climacteric years in life are the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 31st, 32nd, 38th, 40th, 41st, 47th, 49th, 50th, 56th, 58th, 59th, 65th, 67th and 68th. You will be much attracted to persons born on any of the series of the 2nd, 5th and 7th in any month of the year, also those born on the number “one” and “four” series, such as the 1st, 4th, 10th, 13th, 19th, 22nd, 28th and 31st.

If born on any of these dates in June, in the matter of finance you cannot be too prudent. You will not be really fitted for “money grubbing” in any of its forms. You belong more to the mental, intellectual plane and will care little about wealth if you can only have enough for your immediate wants. You belong to the hopeful class of individuals who are rather inclined to live in dreams but often your dreams are likely to become great realities.

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