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Zodiacal Influence on People Born on March 09, 18, and 27

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The foundation of your character and disposition is described in previous pages for persons born in March, but the influence of Mars in this part of the year will give you power to combat and overcome any of the bad indications given. It also will increase the robustness of your condition and help you to resist threatened illnesses.

The influence of Mars in this part of the year will, however, make you at times rash and impulsive in thought and action. You will be restless, making changes in occupation or career. You will be inclined to rush into new schemes without due thought. You should learn to control your temper, especially over little things and try to be tolerant with those around you and with those with whom you work.

You will suffer a good deal from hidden enemies, from slander and false reports, and whether you deserve it or not, you will be inclined to be harshly and unjustly treated if you are drawn into litigation in any form whatsoever.

In business schemes you will have to most careful of partners and associates, the tendency being for you to get the blame if anything should go wrong. You will be inclined to be too generous with money, also rash in speculations. You will be very ambitious, with an intense desire to make yourself independent, and for this reason you will strain every effort to accumulate riches and run risks in doing so.

You will have great courage in trials and misfortunes up to a certain point, but if your courage should at any time fail you, you will be inclined to become gloomy, morose and irritable and take some course of action that you would afterwards regret.

You will make friends easily with those in high positions, but with those in your own sphere, or those beneath you, you will be prone to make many bitter enemies. You are likely to have many hardships and disappointments in love or affection and have a considerable amount of trouble with any children you may have.

At times you have a leaning to indulge in drink or drugs, it depends entirely on your will and ambition whether you keep yourself from this or not. You will be generous and free with money, but rather inclined to be too extravagant and wasteful. If you should engage in business or industry, you will rise to a position of authority, but may not be able to keep it on account of your tendency to make enemies.

In any department of government life you would go far and would be likely to reach some position of great responsibility. You will have a very magnetic personality; you would meet with success in any form of public career such as a writer, speaker, preacher, or as a leader in any big movement. The 18th and 27th of March are as a rule especially favorable dates to be born on.


In your early years you will escape all serious illnesses, but in the run of the forties considerable changes are likely to take place in your constitution. If you study yourself carefully during this period, especially in matters of diet, you may be able to build yourself up for another period. If not, you will liable to experience many serious ailments, such as trouble with the liver and kidneys, stoppages in the intestines, weakness of the heart and much experience of the surgeon’s knife.

Important numbers and dates

are “nines” and “threes” and you should endeavor to carry out your plans on dates making these numbers, such as the 3rd, 9th, 12th, 18th, 21st, 27th and 30th. Unfavorable dates for you are “fours” and “eights” and all their series, such as the 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 22nd, 26th and 31st.
The colors most suitable for you are: All shades of crimson, reds or rose, All shades of violet, mauve or violet-purple. Your “lucky” jewels are rubies, garnets, bloodstones and amethysts.

The most important or climacteric years in your life are the 9th, 18th, 27th, 36th, 45th, 54th, 63rd, 72nd and 81st.

You will find a strong magnetic attraction to persons born on dates making a “nine” in any month of the year, such as the 9th, 18th, 27th and in a secondary degree with those born on the series of “threes” and “sixes”, such as the 3rd, 6th, 12th, 15h, 21st, 24th and 30th, also with those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th.

Unless you were born into a strong position regarding wealth you may expect to meet with many fluctuations of money in ordinary life. You would not be lucky in speculation or investments, but could always do better for others than for yourself. If possible you should buy an annuity for your advanced years for the simple reason that you will not have much desire to save money or put it aside for yourself.

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