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The zodiacal influence for the month of October in general. It has effect on the character, disposition, finance and health of persons born in this period of the year.

They are so strongly endowed with the desire to reason, that they very often stand in their own light. If, however, they have once made up their minds to pursue a definite course of action, they will carry it through at any cost. They weight and balance in this minds any argument presented to them. They have either a great command of language or they express what they want in short, forcible sentences, but in either case language means to them a great deal.

Persons born in this part of the year are very often found in public life, but they generally go in for it from the standpoint of their desire to adjust the balance of things for the betterment of their fellows. Under ordinary circumstances many of them appear to drift naturally into the study of law, they have a wonderful sense of logic and reason, they are much inclined to frame and make laws or write on such subjects.

Many born in this Sign of Libra spend a lifetime in study or research work of some particular kind; some make excellent scientists and doctors who pursue a special line of study, but whatever they do they generally do thoroughly. Persons born in this part of the year are unusually sensitive to their surroundings. If these are inharmonious they easily become melancholy, suffer from nervous depression and shrink into themselves.

They are as a rule very even-tempered; they are born “peacemaker” for they detest “scenes” disputes and quarrels. They are neat and tidy and dislike seeing things in disorder. They are particular about their appearance and dress but not showy in matters of clothes.

Persons born in this period of the year have the Solar Orb posited in the Zodiacal Sign of Libra, ruled by Venus in its negative aspect with Saturn in its “exaltation” and the Sun in its “fall”.

The particular position of the Sun in this Sign is responsible for their intricate and varied nature, their predominant sense of equanimity and the blending in their temperament of the sanguine and the melancholy. They have a many-sided nature having numerous moods, to which they give great variety of expression. Lofty idealism and high moral principle form the fundamental basis of their character. Positive and decisive in thought and action, they are endowed with a strong desire to keep down their wonderful natural intuition by critical reason, and accept little or nothing without definite proof.

In love and affection persons in this period of the Zodiac are not very demonstrative, rather too analytical, rather inclined to weighing motives forgetting that the wings of love were not made for the lens of the microscope. Thus they often suffer disillusion and disappointment. As a rule these Libra people enjoy great popularity, and make hosts of friends, and at the same time live very much in themselves.

They have little or no regard for the value of money and rarely involve their affairs through rash speculation and reckless enterprise. They love good surroundings and are much affected by their environment. They are highly susceptible to the psychological influence of those about them and often take on their mental and physical conditions. The artistic side of the nature is very pronounced; they are extremely fond of music and art and often have much ability in that direction. Studious, investigative and fond of research they also attain prominence in the education world. Because they live habitually in the present, they will care little for the ties of the past and less still for the obscurities of the future.

Persons born in this period of the Zodiac on account of the aspects of Venus and Saturn generally sacrifice themselves to others through ties of affection or by their sense of duty. In the ordinary run of life they usually have a parent or relative to care for and look after, or if not they marry early and are likely to have an invalid husband or children to hold them back from carrying out their own ambitions.


The sign of Libra bearing on this question in the nativity of persons born in this period, give them a natural instinct for health and sanity, generally they manage to keep the balance true and avoid serious breakdown of any kind. But if circumstances push it too far in the direction of concentrated specialization, or if they give way to excessive emotion, the constitution will immediately suffer.

Their most frequent symptoms of overstrain are connected with the kidneys, which are curiously sensitive. They have not a great deal of physical energy, though they possess good recuperative powers. They require an exceptional amount of fresh air and should, if possible, lead a simple life and be exceptionally careful in matters of diet.


In the question of finance, although many remarkable and forceful characters are found born in this Sign of Libra, if they succeed in making money they are seldom able to hold on to it in their advanced year. Examples of this may be found in such lives as Sarah Bernhardt born on the 22nd of October, who made large sums of money by her great talents as an actress, and yet suffered extreme poverty before her death

. Another example might be taken from the career of Oscar Wilde born October, 16th, at one time the highest paid playwright in the world, but who during the last years of his life had barely enough to exist on and who had to be buried by the charity of a few remaining friends. Dr Annie Basant, the head of the Thesophical Society, born October 1st, is another instance of a Libra person gaining high position but not wealth.

It is not that persons born in this Sign of Libra cannot make money but their fault is that they seldom can keep it or make provision for their future.

Marriage, Unions, Partnership ….

Persons born in this period of the zodiac as a rule find their most harmonious relationship with those born in their own Sign. September 21st to October 20th (2nd House of the Air Triplicity). May 21st to June 20th (1st House of the Air Triplicity)

January 21st to February 19th (3rd House of the Air Triplicity), and in the seven days “cusp” at the end of each of these periods. They are often attracted to persons born in the month of the zodiac the direct opposite of their own, in this case from the 21st of March to the end of April.

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