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Ardra – People born between June 21 – July 04

Ardra (Moist One))

Lord: Rahu (North lunar node)
Symbol: Teardrop, diamond, a human head
Deity : Rudra, the storm god
Indian zodiac: 6° 40′ – 20° Mithuna ;
Western zodiac: 2° 40′ – 16° Cancer

The moon in Ardra indicates a person with sadness and destructive impulses, but also who is skilled at creating new things out of destruction and renovating old things. They are cold, calculating, stubborn and controlling, with a violent temperament, but can also be strong, stable and sympathetic personalities.

Ardra (June 21 – July 04)

Ardra is ruled by Rudra, the fierce form of Lord Shiva who represents thunder. This is the sixth nakshatra of the zodiac, having a spread from 6°-40′ to 20°-00′ in Mithuna or Gemini and is ruled by the node Rahu. Ardra means wet or surcharged with water, that is fat.When the Sun enters Ardra the earth is said to be starting its menstrual course that is “Ambobachi”.

The lord of Ardra is Budha. The symbol of Ardra is is a tear-drop.Those born in the Ardra star are soft, stable minded, strong, earning by sacrifice, afflicted by sickness, fear and angry. They are bereft of money and corns. Ardra born people can behave very cooly during the times of extreme hardship and plan their actions accordingly and they get employed in professions that are related with travel and foreign places.

One born under this nakshatra is thrifty, insincere , ungrateful and sinful and at times they will spend foolishly.They are flexible and open to change, and often make attempts to change their negative traits. Those born under this nakshatra will suffer from heart trouble, paralysis, and stress related ailments.They are religiousness, of responsible positions, artistic, brave, prone to litigations, have laziness, is a leader and passionat.

Nakshatra are grouped on the basis of their nature, type of their face, degree of their beneficence, their quarters in different signs, with reference to the Nakshatra occupied by the Sun, with reference to the birth constellation (Janma Nakshatra), their caste, etc. The current Nakashatra occupied by the Moon, and its nature forms the fundamental of Vedic system of electional astrology (Muhurta). Some of the activities and works which are associated with the Nakshatras are given below based on their fundamental nature:

Sharp & Horrible ( Teekshan & Darun ) constellations: Jyeshta, Ardra, Ashlesha, and Moola

Charm or spell causing disease or death, hypnotism, sorcery; ghost, ambush, horror, murder, capture, matters related to secrecy, backbiting, starting of quarrel, separation, matters related to friendship & breaking thereof, training & tying of animals, pleasure works, playing games, getting made & wearing of new dress & ornaments, starting & learning singing of songs, entering into village / city, peaceful & developmental works.

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