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Jyeshtha – People born between December 02 – December 14

Jyeshtha (The Eldest)

Lord: Budh (Mercury)
Symbol : circular amulet, umbrella, earring
Deity : Indra, chief of the gods
Indian zodiac: 16°40′ – 30° Vrishchika ;
Western zodiac: 12°40′ – 26° Sagittarius

The moon in Jyeshtha indicates a person with a sense of seniority and superiority, who is protective, responsible and a leader of their family. They are wise, profound, psychic, maybe with occult powers, and are courageous and inventive. They may experience poverty and hardship in life and can be reclusive and secretive

Jyeshtha (December 02 – December 14)

Jyeshta is ruled by Indra, the ruler of the Gods. This is the 18th nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning form 16°-20′ to 30°-00′ in the sign of Vrishchika. Jyeshtha means the eldest one, the senior most, the chief one, more excellent than, preferred one or someone or something supreme glorious. The person born under this star is full of lustre and splendour, achieves fame and greatness, is rich, brave, a hero and an excellent conversationalist.

The chief deity is Indra, the King of the Gods and protector of heroes. He is the divine warrior and “dragon slayer.” He rides the mighty elephant, carries the thunderbolt and demonstrates the power of truth. Indra is known for his daring nature, courage, power, and glory. Jyeshta allows us to reach the summit of our personal powers but it requires great courage and effort. People born in this nakshatra possess a mix of the qualities of Mercury and Mars.

Jyeshtha born have excellent physical stamina and a good physical appearance.The qualities make them appear like a very proud person, but the facts are actually different. The people born under this star are not very clear about the profession they want to pursue for life, and hence keep on changing jobs or the lines of business often.They are an expert at working with their hands and at fashioning metals.They can be involved in religious practices while simultaneously entrenched in materialistic pursuits.

The primary motivation of Jyeshtha is artha or material prosperity. They are artisitc, lover of ornaments, costly dresses, dreamers, brave, agriculturists, philosophical and well-talented.

Nakshatra are grouped on the basis of their nature, type of their face, degree of their beneficence, their quarters in different signs, with reference to the Nakshatra occupied by the Sun, with reference to the birth constellation (Janma Nakshatra), their caste, etc. The current Nakashatra occupied by the Moon, and its nature forms the fundamental of Vedic system of electional astrology (Muhurta). Some of the activities and works which are associated with the Nakshatras are given below based on their fundamental nature:

Sharp & Horrible ( Teekshan & Darun ):
Jyeshta, Ardra, Ashlesha, and Moola

Charm or spell causing disease or death, hypnotism, sorcery; ghost, ambush, horror, murder, capture, matters related to secrecy, backbiting, starting of quarrel, separation, matters related to friendship & breaking thereof, training & tying of animals, pleasure works, playing games, getting made & wearing of new dress & ornaments, starting & learning singing of songs, entering into village / city, peaceful & developmental works.

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