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Mula Nakshatra – People born between December 15 – Decmber 27

Mula (The Root)

Lord: Ketu (south lunar node)
Symbol : Bunch of roots tied together, elephant goad
Deity : Nirrti, god of dissolution and destruction
Indian zodiac: 0° – 13°20′ Dhanus ;
Western zodiac 26°: Sagittarius – 9°20′ Capricorn

The moon in Mula indicates a person who has a passionate desire to get to the truth and is good at investigation and research. They are direct, ardent and truthful and are shrewd and ambitious, but they can feel trapped and bound by circumstances and so feel resentment and a sense of betrayal. They can also suffer extreme reversals of fortune that may involve pain and cruelty

Mula (December 15- December 27)

Moola is ruled by Nirriti, the Goddess of destruction.This is the 19th nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning from 00°-00′ to 13°-20′ in the sign of Dhanus.The meaning of the word, Moola means the root.The Symbol is a bunch of roots tied together. Moola signifies roots, that is to say, everything of basic nature, its motion is finite and limited. Moola connotes the ideas of foundation, commencement, from the very bottom, the chief or principal city or the capital.

Moola does not indicate fortune or luck. The people born on this nakshatra will be financially successful and lead a materially comfortable life.The ruler of this lunar mansion is Ketu, the South Node of the Moon. The Mula individual may possess a deep philosophical nature and an inquisitive mind that enjoys exploring the roots of any subject.

People born on this nakshatra gain the wisdom and knowledge through their hard work. Theycause destruction to their families.They are peace- loving personalities, but will not hesitate to fight for what rightfully belongs to them.

Moola born people have multiple skills and hence, change of professions is a regular feature for these people and they spend their money recklessly.These people do not enjoy good equation with their parents.They are ambitious, learned, wavering, writers, proud, talkative, travellers and very helpful.


Nakshatra are grouped on the basis of their nature, type of their face, degree of their beneficence, their quarters in different signs, with reference to the Nakshatra occupied by the Sun, with reference to the birth constellation (Janma Nakshatra), their caste, etc. The current Nakashatra occupied by the Moon, and its nature forms the fundamental of Vedic system of electional astrology (Muhurta). Some of the activities and works which are associated with the Nakshatras are given below based on their fundamental nature:

Sharp & Horrible ( Teekshan & Darun ):
Jyeshta, Ardra, Ashlesha, and Moola

Charm or spell causing disease or death, hypnotism, sorcery; ghost, ambush, horror, murder, capture, matters related to secrecy, backbiting, starting of quarrel, separation, matters related to friendship & breaking thereof, training & tying of animals, pleasure works, playing games, getting made & wearing of new dress & ornaments, starting & learning singing of songs, entering into village / city, peaceful & developmental works.

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