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Purva Bhadra Nakshatra – People born between March 04 – March 16

Purva Bhadra (Former Happy Feet)

Lord: Guru (Jupiter)
Symbol : Swords or two front legs of funeral cot, man with two faces
Deity : Ajikapada, an ancient fire dragon
Indian zodiac: 20° Kumbha – 3°20′ Meena ;
Western zodiac: 16° – 29°20′ Pisces

The moon in Purva Bhadrapada indicates a person who is passionate and transformational, but a little extreme and indulgent. They are idealists and non-conformists and are good influencers of others and speakers and orators, but they can also be fearful, nervous, cynical and eccentric. Often their life can be full of sadness and problems.

Purva Bhadra (March 04 – March 16)

Poorvabhadra is ruled by Aja Ekapad, the one-footed serpent. This nakshatra spans from 20°-0′ in Kumbha to 3°-20′ in Meena.The symbol is a double-faced man.Poorvabhadrapada raises up our spiritual aspiration in life and takes us out of the domain of selfish behavior. This is a transformational nakshatra where they will sacrifice themselves for a higher cause, to make a difference in the world.

A person born in this Nakshatra has full control over his sense organs, is intelligent, an expert in all art forms, and destroys his enemies. Poorvabhadrapada born are risk takers and their charming personality often gets them out of tight spots.

A person born in the first three quarters of this nakshatra has a slender, tall stature. Poorvabhadrapada born have set of principles in their life, which they like to follow under any circumstances.

Poorvabhadrapada born are a very adaptable kind and can change themself as the situation warrants. They spend money in the most proper way, avoiding any misuse of the same. Poorvabhadrapada born are engaged in the revenue collection department or in any capacity where cash transactions take place.

Females born in this nakshatra have a well-balanced body and they will not extend their helping hand unless they are convinced fully that such kindness, sympathy and generosity are actually required. They are a little more practical minded when it comes to charity.

Males born in this nakshatra can easily enjoy the respects and confidence of others even if they are financially weak.Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from complaints like paralytic attacks, diabetes, gastric and abdominal problems.They are spiritual, unattached, helpful, unknown, patient, boasting, quarrelsome and famous.

Nakshatra are grouped on the basis of their nature, type of their face, degree of their beneficence, their quarters in different signs, with reference to the Nakshatra occupied by the Sun, with reference to the birth constellation (Janma Nakshatra), their caste, etc. The current Nakashatra occupied by the Moon, and its nature forms the fundamental of Vedic system of electional astrology (Muhurta). Some of the activities and works which are associated with the Nakshatras are given below based on their fundamental nature:

Cruel (Ugra, Karur):
Magha, Bharni, Porva Falguni, Poorva ashada, & Poorva Bhadra.

Ambush, burning, poisoning (self & others), making & using weapons especially related to fire, cheating / deception / wickedness / craftiness, cutting & destroying, controlling of animals, beating & punishing of enemy. Works allocated to Sharp / Horrible (Darun) asterisms are also successfully done in these asterisms.

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