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Shatabhish Nakshatra – People born between February 19 – March 03

Shatabhish (Hundred Healers)

Lord: Rahu (north lunar node)
Symbol : Empty circle, 1,000 flowers or stars
Deity : Varuna, god of cosmic waters, sky and earth
Indian zodiac: 6°40′ – 20° Kumbha ;
Western zodiac: 2°40′ – 16° Pisces

The moon in Shatabhisha indicates a person who is a good healer or doctor, and who is mystical, meditative, philosophical, scientific and a visionary. However, they can also be secretive, reclusive, moody, depressed, opinionated and stubborn; and suffer setbacks in relationships and marriage as a result.

Shatabhish ( February 19 – March 03)

Satabhisha is ruled by Varuna, the God of the cosmic waters. it is aslo known as the “Veiling Star”. This nakshatra is about healing the human condition spiritually and physically. Satabhisha is the nakshatra owned by the node Rahu. The entire span of this nakshatra falls in the sign Kumbha, from 6°-40′ to 20°-00′. The symbol is a circle.This nakshatra is the large group of faint stars in the Water Bearer(Aquarius).

Satabhisha brings about a healing crisis leading to revitalization. A person born in this Nakshatra is brave, clever and destroys his enemies. People born in this nakshatra are very simple, principled people living a simple, straightforward life. Satabhisha born are ideally suited for any scientific career or a research job. hatabhisha born are are very changeable and often confuse people.

The males born in this nakshatra are generally biased, very religious and god-fearing. The females born in this nakshatra are tall and thin, with a matured expression on their face and they are very religious and god-fearing.Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from complaints like urinary tract diseases, diabetes, breathing trouble, cough and cold, pneumonia etc.They are cultured, artistic, writers, sacrifising, submissive to the fairer sex, soft hearted and religious.

Nakshatra are grouped on the basis of their nature, type of their face, degree of their beneficence, their quarters in different signs, with reference to the Nakshatra occupied by the Sun, with reference to the birth constellation (Janma Nakshatra), their caste, etc. The current Nakashatra occupied by the Moon, and its nature forms the fundamental of Vedic system of electional astrology (Muhurta). Some of the activities and works which are associated with the Nakshatras are given below based on their fundamental nature:

Movable (Chal , Char): Punarvasu, Swaati, Sharavana, Shatabhisha & Shravishtha

Related to motion & movement, riding on a vehicle or elephant, opening of shop, walking first time, walking in garden, sex, making jewellery, learning of a trait. Things performed in Small (Laghu) constellation are also effectively performed in the Movable constellations.

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