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Aquarious – People born between January 20 – February 19

Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation Aquarius. In astrology, Aquarius is considered a “masculine”, positive (extrovert) sign. It is also considered an air sign and is one of four fixed signs. Aquarius has been traditionally ruled by the planet Saturn, and, since its discovery, Uranus has been considered a modern ruler of this sign. Being the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is associated with the astrological eleventh house.

Individuals born when the Sun was in this sign are considered Aquarius individuals. The Sanskrit name of Aquarius in Hindu astrology is Kumbha “pitcher”.Based on Elements within the Zodiac, Aquarius is considered compatible with Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius itself.

Aquarious ( January 20 – February 19)

You are a genius person, with sincerity of purpose and dedication to any particular person to whom you love or like. You are not extremist, but your understanding is so broad so as to give necessary patience and kindness to tolerate other peoples foibles. You have straight forward temperament, admired by all resulting you are liked by most people and you have friendship with more people which are long and sincere.

You give impression of detachment, unfriendly and unsympathetic, which is false. You have strong will and definite opinion, not easily swayed away. You have serenity and are self contained which enable you to cope with troubles, tensions etc. you have scientific way to cope with troubles, tensions etc. you have scientific way of looking things. You are at once friendly and then loner and you think misfit as you are cold, but without permanent tie or friendship with opposite sex, your life will become bore. So you prefer equally intelligent and educated partner irrespective of age.

You are full of contrast and contradiction, not easy to understand which is not appreciable. You can be temperamental, tenacious, interested in new ideas but in short cuts and unorthodox ways. You need in dependence and the freedom. Within restriction you can not live. You are tactful, intelligent, kind, generous, will have many friends. You are of broad outlook and unconventional. Economical yet practical. Very social but choosy, quick witted and wide awake. Organizing new ideas and have own individuality. Constant in friendship, strong in their likes and dislikes. You will have good children. Be romantic for happy life.


You are unconventional. If they find that her partner, husband or friend are not up to their desired standard, they never hesitate to satisfy themselves by changing the partner, but if they are satisfied then will cooperate with him fully. You ladies are very romantic, sexy, passionate and soul of the society or within the friends. Do not find faults in others. Be careful in selecting the friends, those older than you in age will be more sincere and beneficial in life. You are magnanimous and magnetic but do not boast.


Avoid solitude, should not worry and be gloomy and pessimist. Be pushy and alert. Do not be lazy and lethargic. Do not be rigid with opposite sex. Do not be secretive. Be sincere to the persons you love. Your life is a series of experiments, not to blame any one when you jump from the frying pan to the fire.


Aquarians walk a fine line through life. While they have the ability to do much good, they can fail themselves by allowing their power to be wasted or merely used for personal gain, but by doing this, they disappoint those who come to revere them, and eventually lose the esteem in which they are held. It is therefore important for Aquarians to rise above their own interests, and cultivate a warm manner and genuine interest in others, not for the sake of being selfless, but to achieve the greatness and humanitarianism they are meant for.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are your lucky days. Wednesday and Saturday are unfortunate. Sunday has mixed results. 2, 3, 7 and 9 are lucky number 1,4 5 and 8 are unfavourable whereas 6 is passive. Yellow, red, white and cream colour are lucky. Avoid orange, green and blue. Black can be used but not the red.

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