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Pisces Zodiac – People born between February 20- March 20

Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, which originates from the Pisces constellation. In astrology, Pisces is considered a “feminine”, negative (introvert) sign. It is also considered a water sign and one of the four mutable signs. Pisces has been traditionally ruled by the planet Jupiter, but since its discovery, Neptune has been considered a modern ruler of this sign. Being the twelfth sign, Pisces is associated with the astrological twelfth house.

Individuals born when the Sun was in this sign are considered Pisces individuals. The Sanskrit name of Pisces in Hindu astrology is Mina. Based on Elements within the Zodiac, Pisces is considered compatible with Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces itself.

Pisces ( February 20 – March 20)

You are quick in understanding, inspirational, easy going, lacking in decision being a double sign. You are extremely sensitive. You are very emotional and your feelings play a dominant role in your reactions; it gives you intuitive and even psychic nature. Logical analysis and reasoning do not play major part in your judgement.

You are extremely sympathetic and you do not harm others rather you help the people in trouble. Your intentions are good but are sometimes misunderstood. You have some wonderful ideas and your imagination is always at work, but do not put your idea into practice due to lack of self confidence. Your whole nature is receptive and passive and to counteract this you must be more forceful, outgoing, practical and positive.

You have restless and changeful nature having varied moods. You prefer peace and harmony, quite and leisure, you should guard against this so that you do not become lazy and indifferent. Freedom in any work will give you success. You are adaptable and can adjust to changes without great difficulty. You are sensitive, sentimental, romantic and dreamy. Being so sensitive you are likely to find it difficult to cope with the harsh realties of the world.

You become over anxious and disheartened at times. Do not make excuses and false promises. You love happy domestic life, sincere and true to friends, suspicious by nature but loyal in love to whom you are attracted, given to romantic side through out their life. You are romantic, passionate and remain attracted to opposite sex, prefer beauty and intellect.

Suspicious by nature and love flattery. You will be romantic and affectionate but reluctant at times due to being dual sign whereas in other moments, you will be amorous and affectionate. You will lead a happy life. You are kind, sympathetic and loyal. Good and moody, bold, brave and independent. You love your children and have success in life


You are beautiful; you have big and protruding eyes. You are romantic and passionate, over liberal, have nature of unbounded generosity. You are sweet tempered, very social, polite and modest and can easily be led away by fancies and fresh ideas. You love the domestic life on the whole and keep home modern and tip top.


Be choosey in making friends and do not rely on every body. Avoid suspicion and varying moods. Do not be over liberal, contemplating, dreaming and do not live on other’s hopes and promises.


Pisces generally undervalue themselves, often settling for positions well below their talents. They often place high demands upon themselves, taking on too much, and because they are truly perfectionists, they then lack the time to get everything done. This in turn leads to procrastination, and indecision. Anger is often their outlet for frustration.


Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are favorable. Monday and Saturday will cause loss and worries. Wednesday and Friday will be unfavorable. 1, 3, 4 and 9 are lucky numbers. Avoid 8, numbers 2, 5, 6 and 7 are passive. Red, yellow, rose and orange are lucky colours. Avoid blue. For your partner’s prosperity use white, cream and green colours.

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