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Taurus – People born between April 20 and May 20

Taurus is the astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Taurus. In western astrology, this sign is no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. In astrology, Taurus is considered a “feminine”, negative (introvert) sign. It is also considered an earth sign and one of the four fixed signs.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus (which also rules Libra). Being the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus has been associated with the astrological second house. Individuals born when the Sun was in this sign are considered Taurus individuals. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun is in Taurus roughly from April 21 to May 20. The Sanskrit name of Taurus in Hindu astrology is Vrishabha.

Generally, Taurus is considered compatible with same elements signs, Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus itself. These signs share an earthy demeanor and are believed to relate on that merit.

Taurus ( April 20 and May 20)

You have a loving nature and fond of beauty, music, colour and artistic ways. Pleasure, luxury living and good food are your weak points. In middle age, you will gain weight. You place great importance on physical, financial and emotional security. You have solid, steadfast, reliable and practical qualities.

Conservator, not dreamer, have materialistic point of view. You take time to decide and once decided, plan has to be carried out, as you are determined and preserving. You are sometimes Stubborn. Take long time in selecting partner as you are not impulsive in love. Respond well to kind treatment.

On the other hand you are kind, affectionate, seldom moody and not easily offended. You have inflexible nature, dependable, highly diplomat and over smiling. You are definitely fond of ease, comforts, opposite sex. Troubles and difficulties may arise due to your stubbornness and unreasonable resistance. You are hard working. Security, both emotional and financial, is of paramount importance to a person with the Sun in Taurus.

In a positive sense this gives a protective personality with a strong sense of practicality and fairness. In a more negative sense, a Taureans may become possessive, possibly too careful with money and quite jealous of others. Sharing often becomes an issue with this type. This person is persistent, has great powers of endurance, is usually trustworthy and loves luxury. Taureans are often money minded and need security.


You are a good wife and a good mother. You are reserved and calm. You take good care of your home and children. You are good parents. You are Gentle and you are peace loving. You have a loving and magnetic personality.


Do not be stubborn, when you are angry, do not take any decision and do not take aggressive steps. Do not be possessive or lazy or self indulgent.


Taureans don’t like obstacles, and are often quick to anger when something stands in their way. They also don’t like being told what to do, and do not appreciate being manipulated in any way. Because of their strong natures, they can be unreasonable at times and unwilling to excuse weakness in others They like to eat, drink and be merry, but when they make a decision to give something up, their willpower is unmatched. They have to be careful to avoid self indulgence and recognize flattery


Friday, Wednesday and Saturdays are favourable. Colours such as pink hot pink, green and white are lucky. Avoid red. Numbers 2 and 8 will vibrate, 7 and 9 will attract, 1, 3, 4, and 6 are passive where as 5 will disagree.

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